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UCSF Research Development Office (RDO): Grant Templates and Guides

Trainee Headcount Data

Predoc data

Note: UCSF graduate programs are interdepartmental. Department-level headcounts are not available for Predocs. For further assistance contact .

Postdoc data

  • Postdocs per department is available via the HR Postdoc Report and posted below by the Trainee Tracking Program. Counts are of December 2019.

Contact person: Halima Mohammed Todd, Trainee Tracking Program Manager

Faculty data: The number of faculty per department is assessed every fall via Academic Affairs’ annual workforce calculation. Data below represents numbers as of October 2018.

Contact person: Wilson Hardcastle (Academic Data Coordinator, Academic Affairs;

UCSF Training Awards

Currently, this information is not stored centrally. Below is a link to a list of currently active T32 awards (last updated April 2019). Please contact the administrative contacts for relevant graduate programs for the number and program/department affiliation of predocs/postdocs that are supported by HHE training grants.

Contact person: Halima Mohammed Todd (Research Development Office;