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Congratulations to the following UCSF faculty who have recently received a Diversity Supplement.


2020 (YTD - updated August)

Akhurst, Rosemary J

Guo, Su

Ashworth, Alan 

Li, Hao 

Barber, Diane L

Miller, Bruce L

Basbaum, Allan I.

Miller, Bruce L

Camlin, Carol Suzanne

Molofsky, Ari B

Chang, Edward

Nelson, Alexandra

Feng, Felix Yi-Chung

Ou, Yvonne

Fraser, James Solomon

Peng, Tien

Hsia, Renee Yuen-Jan

Possin, Katherine Laurel

Hunt, Peter W

Santos, Glenn-Milo

Karliner, Leah S

Schjerven, Hilde 

Klein, Ophir D

Sheppard, Dean 

Koliwad, Suneil Krishna

Shin, Jeoung-Sook

L 'Etoile, Noelle D

Toczyski, David Paul

Miller, Bruce L

Kennedy, Brian K

Nystul, Todd

Frietze, Seth E

Pasick, Rena Joy

Papa, Feroz R

Turnbaugh, Peter James


Van Den Bedem, Henry


Yank, Veronica



Links to list of awarded supplements (NIH RePORTER):


An online library of successful diversity supplements applications has been created to support UCSF researchers in their grant writing process. It has been made possible by award recipients who have generously offered their work for review by the UCSF community.