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UCSF Research Development Office (RDO): Grant Templates and Guides: Recent awards at UCSF


Congratulations to the following UCSF faculty who have recently received a Diversity Supplement.


2021 (YTD - updated June)

Aghi, Manish

Estrada, Mica Beth

Guo, Su

Feng, Felix Yi-Chung

Hsu, Chi-Yuan

Grinberg, Lea Tenenholz

Huang, Laurence

Lamba, Deepak Ashok

Klein, Ophir D

Lietman, Thomas M

Koenig, Barbara A

Mangurian, Christina

Lakkaraju, Aparna

Nystul, Todd

Li, Hao

 Rosenbluth, Glenn

Lim, Wendell A

Sohal, Vikaas Singh

Lyles, Courtney Rees


McCormick, Frank Patrick


Miller, Bruce L

Molofsky, Ari B


Nelson, Alexandra


Ou, Yvonne


Palefsky, Joel Michael


Peng, Tien


Possin, Katherine Laurel


Santos, Glenn-Milo


Schjerven, Hilde

Sheppard, Dean  
Shin, Jeoung-Sook  
Toczyski, David Paul  
Vigernon, Daniel B  
Ye, Chun Jimmie  


Links to list of awarded supplements (NIH RePORTER):


An online library of successful diversity supplements applications has been created to support UCSF researchers in their grant writing process. It has been made possible by award recipients who have generously offered their work for review by the UCSF community.