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Nursing: PsycINFO/SocioAbstracts Search Tips

A guide to finding and managing nursing information for teaching, research and evidence-based nursing practice.

PsycINFO & SocioAbstracts Search Tips

ACCESS: A-Z Databases list on the UCSF Library home page

PsycINFO Search TIPS:

Quick Search:

  1. Use the Advanced Search interface.
  2. Enter keywords for each concept in each separate line. Use OR to group synonyms together. Use AND to combine different concepts. Use the quotation for the exact phrase search. 
  3. Use default search type ANYWHERE to run the search.
  4. Limit search results to peer-reviewed, research methodology, publication year, etc.
  5. If too many results (4095), use DOCUMENT TITLE or ABSTRACTS as search type and rerun the search. 

Use LIMITS/FILTERS to refine results.

How to conduct an Advanced Searching Using THESAURUS (similar to MeSH terms): Please view online tutorials from ProQuest.

Conduct searches from Multi-Databases from PROQUEST simultaneously

TIPS: UCSF Library subscribes to many databases through PROQUEST. You may select multiple databases to run searches simultaneously. Many nursing researchers or students are interested in research topics focusing on the psychosocial aspects of the medical phenomenon. It is recommended to select PsycINFO, PsycArticles, Sociological Abstracts, and Social Services databases and conduct the searches.