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UCSF Research Development Office (RDO): Templates and Guides

About the Research Development Office

The Research Development Office (RDO) at UCSF fosters scientific collaborations between internal and external research teams and facilitates proposal development for large, multi-investigator project grants.  The RDO is also home to the Resource Allocation Program and the Limited Submission Program

Our mission is to serve at the nexus of research and research administration to promote, support, strengthen, and grow the research enterprise at UCSF. By working with faculty, administration staff, and leadership partners, the RDO seeks to attract extramural research funding, increase institutional competitiveness, create research relationships, and foster innovation. To fulfill this mission, the RDO offers the following programs:

As a service- and solutions-oriented team, the RDO operates with integrity, professionalism, and respect for those with whom we work within and outside of UCSF. The RDO strives to act as an enzymatic catalyst for your research efforts - lowering the activation energy for effective research collaboration and proposal development.