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LGBTQIA+ Health: Research Tools

This guide offers resources on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) health.

Reports on LGBT Health


Image by urbangarden via Flickr (Creative Commons)

"Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Healthiness" - 2010 San Francisco Pride

Reports on LGBT health by government agencies, professional associations, and academic institutions provide evidence of the negative health impact of inequality and suggest the positive effects of community organization and activism.

These "gray literature" reports are excellent resources for clarifying the context of LGBT health and situating proposals for further research and clinical interventions.

Data & Methodology Resources on LGBT Health

These data archives, research organizations, and methodology resources provide support for further research on LGBT health. LGBT-focused resources are listed first, followed by federal and California health data resources, then by federal population and demographic resources.

Video - LGBT Data: Politics, Policy and Practice

Video of a 2011 research presentation by Gary J. Gates, PhD, of the Williams Institute at UCLA. Dr. Gates describes working with the U.S. Census Bureau to enhance LGBT data collection, and discusses research findings and changing methodologies for counting LGBT people and relationships.