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Dimensions Analytics - research analytics database: Data export & visualization

Search and analyze millions of research publications connected by more than 1.3 billion citations, Altmetric data, supporting grants, datasets, clinical trials, patents and policy documents.

Exporting search results

Up to 5,0000 search results can be exported at a time from Dimensions by clicking the "Save/Export" button in the search bar. To work with larger data sets, see the Dimensions Analytics API, and contact Support.

Export options:

  • Full records in CSV or XLSX format
  • Data to create bibliometric networks using VOSviewer or CiteSpace
  • Files for reference managers in BibTeX or RIS format

Exporting from Analytical Views

To download a visualization or data from an Analytical View of a search result in Dimensions, select the hamburger menu (three lines) in the top right corner of the graphic. Then select the type of file you would like to download (PNG, JPEG, PDF, CSV, or XLS).

Exporting an Analytical Views graphic or data

VOSviewer visualization program


VOSviewer is a free software download for constructing and visualizing bibliometric networks which may include citation, bibliographic coupling, co-citation, or co-authorship relations. It also offers text mining functionality to construct and visualize co-occurrence networks of important terms extracted from a body of scientific literature. 

VOSviewer Online creates the possibility to embed interactive visualizations in online platforms. A VOSviewer visualization is integrated in Dimensions in the Researchers Analytical View. Additional integrations for journals, organizations, and terms will follow.

Visit to download the software or launch the online version.

Screenshot of VOSviewer visualization software program