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Health Administration and Interprofessional Leadership (HAIL)

A guide for those enrolled in the online Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership program.

Various handouts, Powerpoints and Tutorials

At some point I hope to incorporate this material into the guide itself. For now these links lead to downloadable documents in UCSF Box or directly to online information.

Please contact  if you have questions about what you find in this material.

PubMed gets pride of place.

PubMed class handout/worksheet on UCSF Box:

Literature Search 101 video tutorials on CLE

A broad overview of information recommendations originally assembled for Pathways residents. These are getting a bit outdated at this point but the basic information is still correct.

Literature Search 101 handout

For those who would rather read than watch a video:


A biomedical database that adds 7-9 million articles to what is contained in PubMed.





An open source reference manager originated at George Mason University. It originated in the social sciences and is now catching on in the sciences. It is supported by a large, active user community. It is terrific!

Class handout:


The best known of the reference managers. Recently spun off from Thomson-Reuters, the new parent, Clarivate, seems to be paying attention to EndNote again. It is "industry standard". There are two versions, one installed on your computer and an online version. The installed version costs money, and can be had through UCSF On The Hub for < $80. The online version is free and somewhat limited in function. The two can be used together for more effective sharing of the content from the installed version.

Class handout:

Systematic Review@UCSF

If you are interested in this publication type this link will lead you to more information.