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Grants: PIVOT Funding Opportunities Database

A guide to grants and other funding resources for health sciences research.


Pivot is one of the most comprehensive funding databases with a global and multidisciplinary coverage.

It includes:

  • funding opportunities from federal agencies, governments, private foundations, corporate sponsors, research institutions
  • over 3.4 million researcher profiles to help you find potential collaborators
  • information about the calls for papers by professional journal editors or conference presentation proposals issued by professional conference organizers 
  • awards

Creating a PIVOT Account - Why

Pivot users must have an account in order to:
  1. Save search results
  2.  Set up alerts to receive funding alerts
  3.  Share potential funding opportunities with PI or team members or others
  4.  Track and manage potential funding opportunities 



Creating a PIVOT Account - How

Copy the following steps to create a PIVOT account

ACCESS: When you are creating an account, you need to start from the UCSF Library home page.  After you create an account, you may access the PIVOT database at


  1. Click the A-Z Databases list from the UCSF Library Home page
  2. Enter PIVOT in the search box and click GO
  3. Click link PIVOT Funding Opportunities & Researcher Profiles
  4. Click the "head" icon on the top right corner
  5. Click "Create an account" to set up an account
  6. Use the Email Address/Create Password option 
  7. MUST use UCSF EMAIL when you create an account


Tips on Using PIVOT to Find Funding, Researcher Profiles, Invited Conferences/Papers, Awards (see PPT)

Search TIPS:

  2. PIVOT Keyword Search:  PIVOT KEYWORDS are its own controlled vocabularies/index terms or so-called Thesaurus rather than free-text words.
  3. To increase the number of potential funding opportunities you retrieve from searching Pivot, it is recommended to run two separate searches. 
    • Run a KEYWORD search; then identify potential funding opportunities
    • Run a TEXT WORD search. You may identify a few additional funding opportunities compared to just use KEYWORD search results. Use a broad term to run the searches. 
  4. For international scholars who don't have U.S citizenship yet,  select "UNSPECIFIED" and "UNRESTRICTED." in the CITIZENSHIP section to find funding opportunities that are not required U.S. citizenship.  
  5. Use "SAVE SEARCH" to set up a funding alert.
  6. Use "TRACK" to track any changes about the specific funding opportunity were made by the funder or to be reminded when the application deadline is approaching. 
  7. Use 'SHARE" to share potential funding opportunities with others. 
  8. MORE TIPS are available at (PPT)