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Historic Homeopathy Materials in the UCSF Archives and Special Collections

Resources on the history of Homeopathy from the UCSF Library Archives & Special Collections

Organon Frontispiece and Title Page


Digitized Resources

The digital manuscript volume of the 6th Edition of the Organon forms the cornerstone of an online collection, launched in early 2009, of significant works in the history of homeopathy.  

    Homeopaths from all over the world come to San Francisco to study the manuscript volume because the sixth edition of the Organon presents significant changes to homeopathic practice and because it is among Hahnemann's final professional writings.  

    The digital collection consists of:

    Other Electronic Resources on the History of Homeopathy

    To learn more about UCSF's digital collection of Homeopathy materials or to view the 5th Edition of Hahnemann's Organon in English on Google Books follow the two links below: