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Historic Homeopathy Materials in the UCSF Archives and Special Collections

Resources on the history of Homeopathy from the UCSF Library Archives & Special Collections

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Samuel Hahnemann

Frontispiece Image of Samuel Hahnemann

Manuscript Materials on the History of Homeopathy

California Homeopathic Institutions Records, 1884-1984 

This collection contains the following materials:

  • Hahnemann Hospital, 1906-1982
  • Hahnemann Medical College, 1877-1986
  • San Francisco County Homeopathic Society
  • Homeopathic Foundation of California, 1923-1941
  • California State Homeopathic Medical Society, 1877-1930
  • California Women’s Homeopathic Association, 1959-1989
  • Photographs
  • Papers of homeopathic practitioners

Otto Ernst Guttentag Papers, 1930-1990

German born, Dr. Otto Guttentag (1900-1992), a world leader in medical ethics, was instrumental in bringing these historical homeopathic materials to UCSF.  He became the director of the San Francisco research laboratory of the Homeopathic Foundation of California in 1933 and over the years he remained interested in developments relating to the homeopathic tradition.

In 1936 the Hahnemann Medical College of the Pacific merged with the University of California Medical School, where an endowed chair of Homeopathy was created in the Department of Medicine for Guttentag called the “Samuel Hahnemann Professor of Medicine and Medical Philosophy.”

Links to these two collections are below:

Manuscript Materials at Other Repositories

Most of Samuel Hahnemann's papers including manuscripts, correspondence, and casebooks, are housed at the Robert Bosch Institute for the History of Medicine in Stuttgart.