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PharmD EdTech Guide


Winter 2018

P1 Courses

Course Course Directory Course Coordinator
ANAT116: Anatomy Annemarie Donjacour Kylie Leung
BPS111: Biopharmaceutics Xin Chen Kylie Leung
BPS112: Biostatistics Jim Lightwood Kylie Leung
CP112: Pharmacy Practice II Jennifer Cocohoba Kylie Leung

P2 Courses

Course Course Director Course Coordinator
CP120: Therapeutics I

Lisa Kroon/ Katherine Gruenberg/

Stephanie Hsia

Aeshah Al-Nagdawi
CP124: Study Design Nancy Hessol Aeshah Al-Nagdawi
PCOL122: Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Pharmacology II Zev Gartner Kylie Ball
PHYSIO122: Physiology Igor Mitrovic Kylie Ball

P3 Courses

Course Course Director Course Coordinator
CP131: Therapeutics IV Conan MacDougall Kylie Ball
CP134: Topics in Pharmacy Administration Don Kishi & Daniel Wandres Cynthia Zarate
CP135: Applied Drug Information Candy Tsourounis Kylie Ball
CP137: Advanced Topics in Clinical Care Sharon Youmans, Pat Finley Cynthia Zarate


Course Course Director Course Coordinator
CP153.10: Seminar #1 Dorie Apollonio Aeshah Al-Nagdawi
EPI 262 (SOM + SOP course) Michael Kelsh Aeshah Al-Nagdawi
BPS134: Research Design Nancy Sambol Aeshah Al-Nagdawi
PC163: Research Seminar Fran Aweeka & Miriam Gochim Aeshah Al-Nagdawi


Course Course Director Course Coordinator
CP151.03: Policymaking & Political Advocacy Richard Barnes Cynthia Zarate
CP152.08: P&T Formulary Marilyn Stebbins Cynthia Zarate
CP152.11: Multidisciplinary Management of Diabetes Philip Chan Cynthia Zarate
CP154.01: Pharmacy Leadership Ellie Vogt Cynthia Zarate
CP155.70: Spanish for Pharmacists Jorge Garcia-Sarzosa Cynthia Zarate
CP170.30: Clinical Toxicology Tom Kearney Cynthia Zarate

Spring 2018

P1 Courses

Course Course Director Course Coordinator
BPS 113: Drug Delivery Systems Tejal Desai Kylie Ball
BPS115: Pharmacogenomics Su Guo/Esteban Burchard Kylie Ball
CP113: Pharmacy Practice III Bani Tamraz Kylie Leung
PC115: Intro to PC & Drug Metab Paul Ortiz de Montellano/Sue Miller Kylie Leung

P2 Courses


Course Director Course Coordinator
CP121: Therapeutics II

Jaekyu Shin

Aeshah Al-Nagdawi
MICRO120: Microbiology in Pharm Elizabeth Joyce/Mark Ansel Kylie Ball
PC123: Drugs of the CNS Pam England Cynthia Zarate


Course Course Director Course Coordinator
CP153.10B Practicum Seminar Nancy Hessol Aeshah Al-Nagdawi
Pharm SCI
BPS133: Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development Fran Aweeka Aeshah Al-Nagdawi
BPS135: Principles in Pharmacogenomics Nadav Ahituv Aeshah Al-Nagdawi
PC152: Drug Discovery & Design Michelle Arkin/Adam Renslo Aeshah Al-Nagdawi
PC157: Bioanalytical Theory & Technique Yong Huang/Steve Kahl Aeshah Al-Nagdawi
CP 151: Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Sarah Lucas Scarpace Cynthia Zarate
CP 152.05: Behavioral Health Perspective Patrick Finley Cynthia Zarate
CP 152.15: Earth Health: Sustainability in Healthcare Katherine Gruenberg Cynthia Zarate