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PharmD EdTech Guide


The OEIS is looking forward to working with you on your upcoming course. The Education Coordinator assigned to your course will be your primary contact for many of your course support needs. The following are some of the core support services we can provide:
-          Initial setup of your schedule in the Ilios calendar and CLE course site.
-          Post lecture materials, required readings, and learning objectives to Ilios.
-          Setup your CLE gradebook, create quizzes, upload exam grades, and provide grade reports.
-          Coordinate conferences, workshops, labs, and OSCEs.
-          Setup computer-based ExamSoft exams and coordinate with you to develop positive testing environments.
-          Help you implement available education technologies and provide guidance on best practices.
-          Leveraging cutting-edge technology for student success.

In the tabs that follow, you can begin self-paced learning modules to enhance your understanding of some of the tools and services that we offer