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Information Literacy for Health Sciences Students: Where can I get help with all of this?

This library guide grew from the question "what should each UCSF health sciences student know about information finding and organization by the time they graduate?"


There is a Contact Us link on each library page.

Each professional school has a library liaison:

  • Dentistry -- Peggy Tahir
  • Medicine -- Evans Whitaker
  • Nursing --Min-Lin Fang
  • Pharmacy -- Evans Whitaker
  • Physical Therapy -- Min-Lin Fang
  • MS-HAIL -- Min-Lin Fang
  • Hastings Law UCSF Joint Program -- Peggy Tahir

Special topics:

  • Copyright -- Peggy Tahir
  • Systematic review -- Evans Whitaker, Min-Lin Fang. To get started, see here:
  • Reference management -- Evans Whitaker

The email to each of us is:

Special Programs

  • MS-HAIL-- Min-Lin Fang
  • Global Health-- Min-Lin Fang

We offer classes

We offer office hours

We offer one-on-one consultations