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Information Literacy for Health Sciences Students: How do I organize what I find so I can use it when I need it?

This library guide grew from the question "what should each UCSF health sciences student know about information finding and organization by the time they graduate?"


I suggest a two-pronged approach. There is just too much out there to trust your memory to get you back to that "perfect article" or piece of information. Between the two prongs, you should be able to quickly store almost anything for future use.

A reference manager: 4 serious contenders and several more that are possibilities

  • EndNote - Best known, oldest, "rep", most customizable, costs money, hardest to learn, and use. It does not share well.
  • Zotero - Free, open-source, works well. My opinion, great all-around product and not owned by a large corporation.
  • See Which Reference Management Tool Is Right for Me?


EverNote or OneNote.

More specific information can be found on the Support materials page. More details will be added here soon.


60 GB of free online storage for UCSF folk!

Do I need to say more?

Find it on the MyAccess menu...look for UCSF Box.

  • Set up an account
  • Get BoxSync
  • Get BoxEdit

I find it works well and BoxEdit and BoxSync make use seamless.