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EndNote, Zotero, and Other Reference Managers

Software which stores and organizes information for your education, research and clinical care

Zotero at a Glance

Zotero: Open source reference management software

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Current version: 5.0

Integrates with Microsoft Word using Zotero Bibliographic Management. Will also work with Google Docs, OpenOffice and LibreOffice. The latter two are open-source office suites similar to Microsoft Office.

Zotero is free to most users. You can purchase additional storage space if needed ($20/yr for 2 GB).


  • Zotero does everything pretty well
  • Open source. Almost as customizable as EndNote
  • Z has a large user community which contributes code and improvements


  • Easy to learn, takes a little time to set up properly
  • Slows down with large libraries

Learn it!: