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Ebooks at UCSF

Directions for accessing and downloading ebooks available at UCSF.

Ebooks at UCSF

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UCSF Library provides access to a growing collection of over 100,000 ebooks in the health sciences and related subjects. To find the ebooks the UCSF Library subscribes to:

Most of the ebooks are licensed for UCSF users only. In order to access these ebooks, you must be on the UCSF network. Please check the directions for Remote Access in the box below. 

For more information about freely available options, please visit the open access database list.

Off-Campus Access

What's DRM?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used by some publishers to control copyright. DRM can restrict the amount of material you print, download, or copy. It can also limit the amount of time you have access to online or downloaded content.

Two platforms the Library utilizes that apply DRM are EBSCOhost and Ebook Central. There may be additional steps you'll have to take to access contentInstructions are outlined on each of their platforms.

Not all publishers apply DRM to their content. Those who don't still expect users to comply with existing copyright terms and restrictions.

Appropriate Use of UCSF Licensed Resources

Use of ebooks is governed by copyright laws and license agreements.