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Reproducible Data Management: Home

Information and resources for reproducible data management for the UCSF research community

Director of Data Science and Open Scholarship

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Ariel Deardorff



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What is Reproducible Data Management?

Reproducible data management means being thoughtful about how you discover, organize, secure, and share your data throughout the lifecycle of a project. This guide is designed to walk you through some of the major steps in working with research data, from creating a data management plan, to finding data for research, and finally to archiving and sharing data at the end of a project. I have tried to highlight best practices and link to resources and articles with more detailed information in case you want to dive deeper.

Have questions or want to talk more about your work? Don't hesitate to reach out via email or make an appointment for a 1:1 consultation. See the links in my bio (to the left). I look forward to working with you!