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Open Access Publishing Fund

The Open Access Publishing Fund provides funds to UCSF faculty for publishing journal articles and books under an open access model.

When to Apply for Funds

Requests for funding will be accepted after a submitted manuscript has been accepted for publication by the publisher, but before it has been published. Funding is provided as a reimbursement - see details below.

Applications for manuscripts that have not yet been submitted or accepted can not be funded. â€‹Reimbursements can not be granted for previously published works. 

Contact us:

  1. To check the status of available funds at any time during your manuscript submission or review process
  2. To find out whether a publication meets the criteria for funding before submitting your manuscript

Open access publication discounts are available through the university for some publishers - please include the discounted amount if applicable in your application.

Application Form

To request funds, click the "Apply for Funds" button below and fill out the form. Please review all information in the Eligibility, Amounts & Criteria section before completing your application to ensure your publication meets the criteria.

The Library will review your application and provide you with a funding decision as quickly as possible. A copy of your application with be sent to your email address..

Fund Attribution

We ask that funding recipients include the following statement in their acknowledgements if possible:

Publication made possible in part by support from the UCSF Open Access Publishing Fund.


For approved applications, the author or their department pays the publisher invoice and supplies documentation for reimbursement by the Library via one of the following methods:

  1. Reimbursement to the department for a university payment through campus recharge
  2. Reimbursement to the author through MyExpense for an individual payment, in coordination with the payee's MyExpense approver
  3. Reimbursements to students who are not employed by a department is via check. This method requires establishing the student as a payee in the campus financial system. Check payments take up to four weeks.

Unfortunately the Library can not pay invoices directly to the publisher. Reimbursement will be honored for the publication matching an approved application.

A sponsor may choose to have a co-author pay the invoice and get reimbursed. MyExpense reimbursements will be made to the individual who makes the payment. Typically individual payments are made by credit card. 

Documentation for reimbursement should be provided to the Library within one month of paying the invoice. Reimbursements via MyExpense report must be submitted within 60 days of payment to avoid being reported as taxable income by the UCSF Controller's Office. If the award is no longer needed, let the Library know as soon as possible. 

Sales tax does not apply in California to open access publication charges since it is non-tangible property (see under Paying Sales or Use Tax). This fund will not cover sales or VAT taxes if the publisher mistakenly charges them. Authors should ask publishers to remove any such taxes.

Ongoing Funds

The UCSF Open Access Publishing Fund is subject to the ongoing availability of funds through the Academic Senate and the Library. Based on demand, the Academic Senate and the Library reserve the right to revise the funding caps for any unapproved applications. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

N.B. The Academic Senate has reviewed and consented to the guidelines and the application process outlined on this guide.