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Information Retrieval and Management (IRAM)

Materials to assist Y1 and Y2 UCSF SOM in finding and citing information to produce excellent learning issues FPC PBL case write-ups


Pick your path!

Each of the three choices below leads to essentially the same information. Pick the method that works best for you. Supplement as needed with the other paths.

1. If you prefer to download Word/PDF handouts and work from those, see the links below:

Worksheet - to help organize your write up

Resources - information about useful resources

Tip Sheet - supplements the resources handout

Citation Guidelines - information about writing a usable citation

2. If you wish to work your way through this IRAM "web-page" move through the tabs in the left column from top to bottom. Return to pages as you need them.

3. If you wish to watch short narrated videos that cover the same material in a different way use the links below:

Please contact me if you have any questions or problems with understanding the materials, are unable to find the information you need, or are unable to find the full text of an article, etc.


The Case

Background Resources

Foreground Resources

Cite Your Work

Your Assignment


"Whit" AKA Evans Whitaker