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Introduction to PubMed@UCSF

Learn everything you need to run efficient searches in PubMed.


This guide is a self-paced tutorial detailing tips & tricks to get you started with running efficient searches in PubMed.


 Once you have completed this tutorial, you will be able to:

  •  Describe the contents of the PubMed system
  •  Use the Single Citation Matcher to quickly locate a citation
  •  Perform a basic author search
  •  Use Filters to narrow a search
  •  Use the Clinical Queries feature to search for clinical research
  •  Use the Display option
  •  Print and download citations
  •  Create a MyNCBI account and use it to save searches, articles, and keep current with the literature

Use the left menu tabs to check out all of the features in PubMed!

More Advanced Literature Search Tips

Ready for more advanced literature search tips of PubMed & Beyond?  Go to the Super Searching guide.