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Health Administration and Interprofessional Leadership (HAIL)

A guide for those enrolled in the online Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership program.


This Research Guide is designed to help MS-HAIL students utilize Library collections effectively.


Access to UCSF Library Resources

These steps will save clicks, time and aggravation. Saving clicks is good. Spare time is the best.  If you save your aggravation you will have plenty left over for the things worth being aggravated about!



or in UCSF facilities:

  • Use UCSFwpa (UCSFguest is usually slower and it takes extra clicks to access the information that UCSF purchases)


  • You do NOT need to use VPN to access the library, You may lose access to some library content.
  • Use MyAccess. There are two ways to do this:
    • Go to when you start an information finding session, click on anything (almost) and you will be prompted to log in with your MyAccess credentials
    • If you forget to do this and then find some publisher wants to charge you $50 for access to the fulltext of an article, click on Reload via EZproxy!
    • What is this EZproxy thing you speak of?
      • Click on Help Center on the Library Homepage
      • Find Using the EZproxy bookmarket and click on that link
      • Find the orange rectangle which says Reload via EZproxy and drag that to the bookmarks tool bar on your browser. When you encounter a "paywall" in the future click on Reload via EZproxy and you will be asked to sign in with MyAccess

OK... Now you are ready for the next steps...