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Getting Started at the Library

This guide is for new users of the UCSF community to become oriented to library services and resources.


At UCSF there are several library locations:

  • the library at 530 Parnassus is the main library. 
  • There is a reading room at Mission Bay in the Rutter Community Center, it is named the FAMRI Library and now houses most of the Data Science Group from the UCSF Library.
  • ZSFG Library currently has one librarian.
  • Mt. Zion Hospital Library is related to UCSF but functions independently.
  • Children's Oakland Hospital Library is also related to UCSF Library but functions independently.
  • Any UCSF student, resident, fellow, researcher, faculty or staff may use the services based at Parnassus.

Research experts hold Office Hours, Clinics, and Classes at both Parnassus and Mission Bay. 

To view a schedule of upcoming services and events, click here.


Off Campus Access to UCSF Library Resources

You can access everything UCSF Library has access to from off-campus (with a couple of exceptions). 

Start at the UCSF Library homepage (and bookmark it!).

Databases, articles, electronic books: Click on almost anything on the home page and if you are off-campus you will see the MyAccess login page. Type the same user name and password you use for email. You will be connected to the library resources and databases.

The big search box on the home page can be a good place to start your search for information. From there you can search everything to which UCSF Library has access. Type in an article title, a journal title or search words. The search box understands AND, OR, quotation marks, asterisk, and parentheses. For more information about this search see:

You will notice links to PubMed, Embase, Web of Science and other commonly used resources listed in Popular Resources.

Want to meet with a library expert? On the top line of the home page click on Ask an Expert. You will be given options for groups you might want to meet with.



Locations and Hours

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