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Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) Access to MEDLINE Complete

Access to Medline Complete. Suggested search tips


What is it? The UCSF Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) now has access to MEDLINE Complete. This EBSCO product provides full-text access to 1,800 journals. For comparison, there are 5,200 journals indexed in PubMed. The subset with full text included in MEDLINE Complete is selected based on clinical usefulness. Also, a small electronic book collection is included as part of the subscription.

Why use it? MEDLINE Complete will be a significant addition to the material you can access through PubMed as an individual provider. Depending on your work, you may already have some access to PubMed materials; MEDLINE Complete will add to this.

Benefits and Downsides You will have increased access to full-text information without having to pay a fee per article (usually $25-$50 per article). Using the EBSCO search interface is different than what you are used to if you search in PubMed.

Additional notes UCSF Library attempted to work with the National Library of Medicine (NLM) to make it so you could search in PubMed and then find the full-text MEDLINE Complete provides. We were not able to make that happen. I will present a workaround you can try if you want to keep PubMed as you preferred search interface.

Access to MEDLINE Complete

You have two options for connecting to MEDLINE Complete.

Option 1: Most of you will have seamless access from your work computer (based on your computer's internet address):

IP Link to MEDLINE Complete:,uid&custid=ns302369&groupid=main&profile=ehost


Option 2: Some of you will need to log in with a username and password from work:


  • Dignity Health
  • Precision Cancer Specialists
  • Select San Francisco Otolaryngology locations- Montgomery, Sonoma, San Rafael, and Walnut Creek

    Everyone will need to enter a username and password to connect to MEDLINE Complete if working from home.


User ID Link for MEDLINE Complete:

Contact Camille Borgo ( if you need the username and password


When you first arrive at the EBSCO site select MEDLINE Complete. Click Continue. See image below.