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Systematic Review

Systematic Reviews are an increasingly important publication type for making informed health policy and patient care decisions. They are labor intensive, but synthesize and summarize existing information.

Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA)

The final steps

Good work!!

Once you have abstracted your information, you are ready to write and begin assembling your review. Particulars of the final product will depend on your topic and which journals you've identified for your submission.

This is where it is worth looking at other systematic reviews in the journal(s) of interest to identify the information for authors documents, etc.

Where to submit your manuscript?

First identify your key audience and then find journals in the field of which you are writing. If they publish systematic reviews, you can also review impact factor and other journal metrics at this stage.

EndNote online has a service in which you can paste your abstract and it will suggest journals based on your wording.