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The Inclusive Skin Color Project is a joint effort between the School of Medicine's Anti-Oppression Curriculum (AOC) Initiative, the UCSF Library, and the Department of Dermatology to improve the discoverability of resources that represent the full spectrum of skin color. This effort is built on the UCSF Department of Dermatology’s resident quality improvement project, Equity in Teaching Images (EQTI), which aimed to increase representation of diverse skin tones in dermatology didactics through access to high quality diverse images. Providing plentiful examples of conditions in different skin types improves trainees' and physicians’ abilities to accurately identify clinical signs and, consequently, provide excellent patient care. 

Please note, as in many areas across the field of medicine, dermatology is working towards anti-racism and anti-oppression. Many dermatology resources do not meet anti-oppressive standards for patient consent, and patients are rarely compensated for sharing their images; these issues become even more salient when considering images of individuals from communities that have experienced social and economic oppression. We have collated the resources below to assist trainees and practicing clinicians in better recognizing important dermatologic findings in individuals across the entire spectrum of skin tones in an effort to work toward equity in healthcare. However, we want to acknowledge that issues related to consent and compensation exist broadly across dermatology resources. We are actively advocating for improvements in these standards in all clinical resources.

To learn more about how UCSF is addressing the dermatologic care needs of Black and Brown people in Northern California, please visit The Skin of Color Program website.

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