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Makers Lab - a Makerspace@UCSF Library

Introduces you to "must know" information about the UCSF Makers Lab

Our Rules

UCSF Makers Lab users agree to…

  • Break the ice
    Check out equipment as needed so we’ll know what you like and use.

  • Fail (at least a little)
    We’re here to create and experiment. Ask questions if you’re not sure how something works and take your time.

  • Care and share
    Respect the space and each other. Refrain from eating in the lab and clean up after yourself. Report broken equipment or tools.

  • Aim away from yourself
    Use machines safely and in accordance with standard operating procedures. You’ll be responsible for replacement costs if equipment is damaged or lost.

  • Boldly go where no one has gone before
    Be innovative. Respect copyright, patent, and trademark law and refrain from making dangerous or illegal items.