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Makers Lab - a MakerSpace@UCSF Library

Introduces you to "must know" information about MakersLab

What is the Makers Lab?

The Makers Lab is a place to imagine, learn, and build things and community. Access exciting tools in the Lab including 3D printers, Arduinos, Legos, and arts and craft supplies. MakerSpaces cultivate learning, doing and collaboration. The Library Makers Lab will provide users access to new tools and environments that foster creativity and discovery.

The Lab is made possible through a small startup fund and Library facility repurposing. In the planning phase, a Library committee gathered user feedback to build a suite of tools and services. The Lab will continue to develop based on user needs and interests.

Visit Us!

The Makers Lab is located in the UCSF Library, room 345. Look for it on the 3rd floor (Parnassus Ave. entry level) near Caffe Central and the Living Room.

Anyone with a UCSF ID can use the Makers Lab for free

To reserve a 3D printer or scanner visit:

Mon, Wed, Fri: 12-4pm

Please note: the Makers Lab will be closed on Wed June 1st for equipment installation

Contact Us!

Questions? Comments? Send us an email at