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Getting Started for Residents and Clinical Fellows

A guide to library accounts, resources, and services for residents and clinical fellows new to UCSF.

Library 101

There are a few things to know about Library access in the UCSF environment.

Our suggestions:

  1. Use UCSFwpa network on campus. UCSFguest is slower.
  2. Bookmark these URLs in your browser to save time and clicks:
    1. for one-click access to the library home page
  3. Install the bookmarklet -- useful for getting to full text of articles when you are off campus.
    1. Go to
    2. Select Off Campus Access from the Use the Library menu
    3. Click and drag the brown rectangle with "Reload via EZProxy" to your book marks tool bar. When you hit a "pay wall" for an article from home, click on the bookmarklet. You will be prompted to sign in through MyAccess. Once logged in you will be taken to the full text of the article (if UCSF has access).
  4. Contact us if you need help! You can email

What Do I Need to Access Library Resources?

Residents & Fellows Portal

Presentation and Handout 2016

These are materials from Surgical Intern library orientation 7/27/2016.