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Open Access Publishing Fund

Eligibility, criteria, amounts covered, and application process for the UCSF Open Access Publishing Fund

Applications on Hold

As of August 2016, the UCSF Academic Senate Open Access Publishing Fund is fully committed. New applications are not being accepted at the moment, but submit your name and email address in the survey link below to be notified about fund updates.

OA Fund Notification Form


Because this fund is limited, please only apply for funds if you have no alternative funding source such as grant or departmental funds to cover the open access (OA) publishing fee. This fund is made available to help defray OA publication charges to UCSF faculty without other funding.

Current UCSF faculty in the following series are eligible to apply for funds, provided they do not have another source for paying open access publication charges. See the Faculty Handbook (pp. 14-18) for series descriptions:

  • Professor
  • Professor in Residence
  • Professor of Clinical X
  • Health Sciences Clinical Professor
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Professional Researcher
  • Faculty may be at any rank within the series (Instructor, Assistant, Associate, or Full professor).

UCSF personnel in all other categories (students, staff, and professors without salary) may apply on behalf of a faculty co-author. Each application must have a sponsor from one of the six series listed above. An awarded application will constitute that faculty member's allocation for the year (journal article) or for two years (book). See amounts covered below.

UCSF scholars are encouraged to include open access article processing charges (APCs) in their grant proposals. Many funders, including the NIH, cover such costs.

Publication Types & Amounts Covered

  1. Open access journal article processing charges (APCs):
    • Up to $2,000 per article in a fully open access journal.
    • Note that hybrid open access journals are no longer covered.* Hybrid OA journals are subscription journals with paid open access articles. For more information on this decision see FAQ #7.
  2. Open access books:
    • Up to $5,000 for author or institutional charges to publish a monograph as open access.

Only one author per publication may apply for funds. Eligible faculty may be awarded funds toward one open access article in a 12-month period (based on date billed), or towards one OA book every other year, so long as funds are available. OA books costing $2,000 or less may be funded once per 12 months.

Publications that otherwise meet the publication criteria below but that charge to download file formats other than HTML will be funded at up to half the amount in the respective category.

Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note that sales tax does not apply in California to open access publication charges (non-tangible property; see under Sales and Use Tax). This fund will not cover them if the publisher mistakenly charges them.

*Change effective February 5, 2016.

Publication Criteria

Publications must be made freely available at the time of initial publication. Embargo periods for open access will not be covered. OA articles must be published in fully open access journals.

In addition:

  • Journal articles must be published in a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal.
  • The journal must be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (or must demonstrate commitment to be indexed here if the journal is new).
  • The journal and its publisher must follow policies and practices consistent with the OASPA's Code of Conduct, inclusive of the OASPA Membership Criteria.
  • The publisher must use a Creative Commons attribution license (referred to as CC BY) that allows the author to retain their copyright and to re-use and redistribute the published material with as few restrictions as possible.
    • CC BY without any restrictions is the preferred license, but CC BY-NC (non-commercial) articles are also eligible for funding. CC BY licenses that include ND (no derivatives) and SA (share alike) are not eligible. Publishers that use a license functionally equivalent to CC BY and CC BY-NC will be considered. See Why CC-BY? for an overview.
  • Books must be peer-reviewed and edited.
  • Book publisher must apply policies and practices consistent with the OASPA's Code of Conduct.

See this page for more information on assessing publishers.

Reporting & Feedback

Names of award recipients and information about publications funded will be included on this web site and in reports and announcements about the fund. Your feedback about this fund is invaluable to our evaluation, so we will send a brief survey to all participants.